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Category: Ingredients: Powders

  1. Kaolin

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    INCI name: Kaolin

    Kaolin is also known as aluminium silicate, white clay and china clay. It is a soft, finely powdered white clay. As well as being of cosmetic value kaolin is used to make porcelain.

    In skin care and cosmetics, kaolin is used in face masks, cleansing creams and scrubs, toothpastes and ointments. It absorbs excess oils and acts as an exfoliant.

    When using kaolin, use only the cosmetic-grade product.




  2. Titanium Dioxide

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    INCI name: Titanium Dioxide

    Titanium Dioxide is a white pigment powder that is used to colour cosmetics as well as food and paint. If swallowed it passes through the digestive system without being absorbed.

    Titanium dioxide is also used in many sunscreening products - it leaves the skin looking white after the product has been applied. For the home cosmetics maker, titanium dioxide can be incorporated into face powders and foundations, eye shadows, blushers and lip colours. It can also be mixed into shower gels to create a creamy-looking body wash.

    A homemade sunscreen ingredient can be made by combining titanium dioxide with fractionated (liquid) coconut oil. This can be added into a sunscreen cream mix - the amount used will vary according to the desired SPF. When purchasing, always ensure that you buy the cosmetic or soap grade.


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