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Alkanet Root in CP Soap

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Lavender Peppermint Soap


Still on the natural colours theme, this Lavender and Peppermint soap has alkanet root as the only colourant.

It needs about a tablespoon dried alkanet root infused in the olive oil part of the soap. I usually heat the infusion in a double boiler until the water is boiling, then turn the heat off and leave to infuse for a few hours. The oil will be a deep pink so don't worry, the lavender colour comes once the oil is mixed with the lye. At first it will be grey/green, then blue and finally lavender once the soap has cured, which takes about a month for this soap.

Alkanet root is alkali-sensitive - the ph of soap is too high to ever get back to the pink colour of infused alkanet, so it's usually used as a purple.

Olive pomace was used in this soap, and was another lucky seizing escape, so olive oil first pressing it is from now on! For this recipe, anyway.

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