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Adding Essential Oils To Skin Care Products

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When making natural homemade skin care products, the main consideration should be to tailor the product to suit the individual. Solid fats, vegetable oils, active ingredients and essential oils should all be chosen with care and purpose.

Here are the main skin types and appropriate essential oils for each type:

Dry skin needs moisture. To balance oil production use geranium, lavender and ylang-ylang. To balance moisture content use rose, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and neroli.

Oily skin overproduces sebum. To regulate sebum, use the same balancing essential oils as for dry skin (lavender also has antibacterial and healing properties). Lemon, rosemary and cypress can be used for their drying effect.

Acne is characterised by blocked, infected pores, and so oils that regulate sebum production are best for this skin type. Tea-tree, lemon and bergamot help to clear the skin, while tea-tree, lavender and jasmine are good in preventative skin care. For cleansing, use lavender, rosemary, tea-tree and lemon.

Sensitive skin reacts to environmental as well as internal stresses. Use only 3 drops of essential oil to 30ml/1oz of cream until the skin's tolerance has been evaluated. Chamomile and lavender are soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing for this skin type.

Mature skin occurs around age 40. The skin becomes lined and loses elasticity. Mandarin improves elasticity and tones the skin. Lavender and rosewood stimulate cellular regeneration.

Large pores can be contracted with the use of lemon, cedarwood, geranium and cypress, which have astringent properties.

Broken capillaries are amongst the most difficult of skin problems to remedy, but with persistence they can be made less visible. Use cypress, rose and neroli.


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