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Basic Method For Making Creams and Lotions

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Making your own skin care creams requires nothing more than the ability to properly read and follow a recipe, just as with a cooking recipe. You will also require some equipment as follows:

Accurate scale - a digital scale able to weigh as little as 1g is best.
Measuring cups
2 glass/ceramic containers for heating the ingredients
Cooking thermometer
Hand blender/electric whisk
Bottles/jars for the finished product.

The recipes that I will post to this blog will require that you:

Measure fats/oils into one of the glass/ceramic containers.
Measure waters into the other glass/ceramic container.
Heat both containers in a double boiler to a temperature of 75 degrees C.
Trickle the fats into the waters, whisking continuously.
Keep the mixture hot while mixing continuously for five minutes.
Take the glass/ceramic container and place it in a bowl filled with cold water. Continue blending/whisking until the temperature drops to 40 degrees C.
At this stage add any active ingredients called for in the recipe.
Continue mixing until the temperature drops to 25 degrees C.
Add essential oils and mix in well.
Pour finished cream into bottles/jars.

If you follow the above method, and use the correct ingredients, you should be able to make a perfect cream every time, with none of the dreaded separation that so often happens in homemade skin care recipes. With a bit of practice, you will eventually be able to design your own creams to a professional standard.


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