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Almond and Glycerine Bubble Bath Oil

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This is a mild, softening bath oil, and I highly recommend adding some of your own handmade soap for extra softness...:o)

You will need:

100ml grated soap
400ml boiling spring water
10ml witch hazel
20ml glycerine
5ml almond oil
5ml essential or fragrance oil of choice
2 drops food colouring (optional)


Dissolve the grated soap in the boiling water. Whisk together the glycerine, witch hazel, almond oil, essential oil and food colouring and place in a mixing bowl with the soap mixture. Using a stick blender or hand mixer, mix at medium speed for five minutes. Pour into a clean bottle, add another five ml of hot water, and shake well.

To use:

Add 15ml to your bath while the water is running.


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