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Illipe Butter

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INCI name: Shorea stenoptera seed butter



Illipe butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shorea Stenoptera, a tree that grows wild in the South East Asian jungle.


Illipe butter has a similar triglyceride composition to cocoa butter, and has similar actions in skin care products, although it has a higher melting point. Illipe butter’s high melting point makes it a good choice for adding to soap mixes where additional firmness is required for the finished bars.


This tropical butter is mild, moisturising and restores the skin’s suppleness. It is helpful in healing sores and mouth ulcers. Add Illipe butter to nourishing skin care products such as creams, body butters and balms. Because of its firmness, it is especially useful in formulations such as lip balms, lipsticks and soaps.






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