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Beeswax and Lanolin Body Cream

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Beeswax And Lanolin Body Cream is a rich, pampering formulation that dry skins will love. Apply to damp skin after bathing or showering.


Buy pure lanolin as some people can have an allergic reaction due to the pesticide traces found in some products.




You will need:


62ml boiling spring water

2.5ml borax

37ml beeswax, grated

125ml mineral oil

5ml lanolin

5 drops bergamot essential oil

10 drops geranium essential oil





Pour the spring water into a heatproof glass or ceramic bowl and add the borax, stirring until dissolved. Place in a double or bain marie and simmer. Put the beeswax, mineral oil and lanolin in a separate heatproof bowl and heat in a double boiler or bain marie until the beeswax has melted. Remove both bowls from the heat and slowly trickle the borax solution into melted fats while beating continuously with an electric hand mixer or stick blender. Continue beating until the mixture has cooled then add the bergamot and geranium essential oils and mix in thoroughly. Spoon the cream into a dark glass jar.









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