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Herbal Shampoo

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This is a really simple shampoo recipe for those who are too busy to learn the more complex soap making techniques required for other types of shampoo.


You will need:


10g dried herb of your choice.

500ml still spring water, boiled

60ml soap flakes

20ml vegetable glycerine.

10 drops essential oil of your choice

3ml preservative




Place the dried herb in a heatproof container. Pour the boiling spring water over and cover the container. Leave to infuse for thirty minutes, then strain and reserve 375ml of the liquid for the shampoo. Place the infusion in a saucepan, place on the heat and bring back to the boil. Remove from the heat and add the soap flakes. Stir until the soap has dissolved. Add the glycerine and preservative and stir until well mixed through the shampoo. When cool, add the essential oils. Pour into a clean bottle.


If you are unsure of which herb to use, chamomile for blonde/fair/light brown hair, or lavender/rosemary for darker brown hair works well.


NB. The preservative is required because of the addition of the herbal infusion. If you do not wish to use herbs in this shampoo, then no preservative will be necessary.







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