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We've had to disable the website template for the blog as it interferes with the text display and causes bits of it to disappear completely.

It's a bit rough and unvarnished looking, but hey ho...:)


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INCI name: Tallow

Also known as beef dripping in the UK, tallow is the refined fat of cattle and/or sheep. It is a solid white fat containing oleic, stearic and palmitic acids, and is an inexpensive product that is easy to obtain from supermarkets and butcheries.

In homemade skin care, tallow is used mostly in the making of sodium soap, as it makes a hard, white soap that is long-lasting and mild with thick, persistent lather. Palm oil is also known as palm tallow due to its similarity to beef tallow in soapmaking. Those who object to the use of animal products can use palm tallow in place of beef tallow to make a soap that has similar qualities.


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