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Lavender and Tea Tree Face Wash

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This is an excellent natural face wash for oily/blemished skins. Lavender and tea tree are antiseptic and healing, while the jojoba wax grains gently exfoliate without being harsh and abrasive. Castor oil and castile liquid soap cleanse gently and glycerine leaves the skin feeling soft and fresh.

You will need:

82ml lavender floral water
5ml castor oil
5ml liquid castile soap
5ml glycerine
2g xanthan gum
1g jojoba wax grains
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops tea tree essential oil


Follow the method for making your own gels. Add the jojoba wax grains at the same time as the essential oils. Mix thoroughly to distribute the grains evenly throughout the gel. When completely cool, pour into a bottle.


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