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Orange Flower Skin Cream

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Orange flower water is toning and refreshing, and can be used on its own as a skin freshener to accompany this light cream for normal to sensitive skins.



You will need:


1ml borax

62ml orange flower water

15ml grated beeswax

100ml apricot kernel oil

20ml jojoba oil

15ml carrot oil





Mix the borax into the orange flower water. Heat the beeswax and oils together in a double boiler or bain marie until the beeswax is melted. Meantime, heat the orange flower water and borax solution. Heat both mixtures until their temperatures have reached 75 degrees C. Gradually whisk the flower water into the heated oils. Keep the mixture on the heat for a further five minutes and whisk continuously. This helps to emulsify the ingredients. Remove from the heat and whisk continuously until the cream has cooled. Spoon the cream into a clean jar.






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