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Orange Flower Water

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Natural orange flower water is astringent and toning and good for dry or mature skins. This orange flower tincture is easy and economical to make, particularly if you have an orange tree in the garden or in a container.



You will need:


Orange blossoms, leaves and peel


Spring water to dilute





Fill a glass jar with orange blossoms, a few leaves and one or two pieces of peel. Pour in sufficient vodka to fill the jar to the top. Replace the lid on the jar and leave for three weeks, shaking the jar twice each day. Strain the liquid into a glass bottle through a fine mesh sieve and discard the plant material.



To use:


Dilute the orange blossom tincture in spring water – use 10ml tincture to 110ml water. Alternatively, you can blend the orange blossom tincture with rosewater for added value and a glorious fragrance.


Bottle and use as a skin toner or facial mist.






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