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Rosehip Herbal Extract

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INCI name: Rosa canina extract




Rosehip herbal extract powder is antioxidant and rich in vitamins A, B vitamins, C, bioflavonoids and carotenes. It can be added to skin care products for dry, damaged, sensitive, oily and mature skin.


Rosehip herbal extract powder can be added to skin creams, lotions, face masks, soaps and gels. It is water-soluble and should be added at the water stage of the cream/gel making process. If it is to be added to a soap recipe it should be added at trace. For face masks, dissolve it in a little spring water before mixing it with the other ingredients.


Rosehip herbal extract powder has a shelf life of around two years whereas the shelf life of rosehip oil is around six months if a preservative such as vitamin E has not been added.






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