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Prunus communis P. amygdalus, P. dulcis




Almonds have a long and varied history in skin care. As well as their cleansing, moisturising benefits, almonds are also believed to have skin-lightening effects.


The ground kernels can be used as an exfoliant and can be added to masks, cleansers and soaps for their cleansing, nourishing effect. Ground almond kernel can be combined with a herbal infusion such as chamomile to create a mild bleaching face mask.


Powdered almond kernels can also be used as an exfoliant, although they are too abrasive to be used in facial skin care. Add powdered almond kernels to body exfoliating scrubs and gels and foot scrubs.


Almond oil and almond butter can be used for their mild, nourishing effect on the skin and are well tolerated by most skin types. Almond oil can be incorporated into herbal skin care creams and lotions while almond butter makes a good addition to herbal soap.




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