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INCI name: Arnica Montana

Essential oils are extracted from the roots and root stock, and tannins from the roots and flowers.

Arnica is antiseptic and antiflammatory, and tincture of arnica is used mainly as a compress for bruises, swellings and sprains. The essential oil can also be made into a gel when mixed into xanthan gum and water. Use 10-20 drops in 100ml gel. NEVER apply Arnica to a cut or open wound, as it can cause tissue damage if used in this way.

To use the tincture, dilute in twenty parts water and apply as a compress to the affected skin. Use only porous materials, such as cloth, never plastic, to allow air to circulate. Arnica tincture can be made with fresh or dried flowers and alcohol as follows:

Use 10g dried flowers to 150ml alcohol (vodka/rum).
Place in a wide-mouthed glass jar, covering the herb completely with the alcohol, then pouring an additional 2cm - 4cm.
Place the jar in a dark place for two weeks, shaking it once a day.
Using cheesecloth or muslin as a sieve, pour the tincture into another jar, ensuring that you squeeze as much liquid from the herb as possible.
Seal the jar tightly - keeps for around two years.




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