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Lavender After-Sun Care

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Make this after-sun spray and cooling gel to calm and soothe skin that has been over-exposed to the sun. Before making the after-sun spray, first make some lavender water for best results. Lavender water can be bought from reputable natural products suppliers if you don't have lavender flowers available.


Lavender Water


600g fresh lavender flowers

1l spring water.


Place the lavender flowers and spring water in a screw-topped glass jar. Replace the lid and place on a sunny windowsill for one day, shaking the jar from time to time. Next day, strain the liquid off and pour into a clean, glass bottle. Store in the refrigerator. If you wish a stronger fragrance, return the strained lavender water to the jar and add more flowers. Repeat the process the next day. The lavender water should keep for around three weeks; add a water-soluble preservative if you intend to keep it for longer, or alternatively make it in very small batches that can be used up quickly.



Lavender After-Sun Mist


250ml lavender water

20 drops lavender essential oil


Combine the water and lavender essential oil in an atomiser. Shake well and spray on the skin as needed. This recipe makes a cooling, healing spray.



Lavender After-Sun Gel


15ml aloe vera gel

15 drops lavender essential oil


Mix the aloe vera gel and lavender essential oil together and apply to sunburned skin. This gel is calming, cooling, moisturising and healing.




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