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Matricaria chamomilla

German chamomile contains matricin, which turns to blue azulen on infusion or distillation.(blue azulen is found only in the essential oil.) Chamomile is used externally for healing skin inflammations and irritations.

The active substances in the flowers can detoxify some bacterial skin toxins and increase blood circulation in the tissue. Use the essential oil for inflammations, oral and nasal blisters and sores, varicose ulcers, irritation and infection of the skin, haemorrhoids and burns.

Some simple traditional remedies use infused chamomile flowers to treat insect bites, wash wounds and treat eczema.

In skin care chamomile soothes sensitive skin. Use an infusion for facial steams or as a compress for swollen eyes and skin. It helps eczema and acne. Chamomile in shampoos acts as a natural lightener for blonde hair. When using chamomile it is recommended to use both the essential and an infusion for best results.




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