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Stellaria media



Also known as starweed, chickweed is an annual plant whose aerial parts are used in herbal skin care. Chickweed is calming, softening, healing and soothing and gives relief to itching, irritated skin.


Chickweed is used in herbal healing skin care products for pruritis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, inflammations, boils, abscesses, urticaria, allergies, wounds, abrasions, insect bites/stings and other skin complaints.


Chickweed-infused oil can be added to creams, lotions and ointments. Chop some fresh Chickweed and leave overnight. Place the chopped herb in the crock of a slow cooker and add enough olive oil to cover. Place the lid on the crock and heat on the low setting for 2-3 hours. Allow to cool and then strain and pour the Chickweed oil into a dark glass bottle. Store in cool, dark place. Alternatively, replace the olive oil with coconut oil to make Chickweed ointment.




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