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Caryophyllus aromaticus



Clove is a strong natural antiseptic and bactericidal herb. Infused clove can be used as an antiseptic body wash. Pour 1l boiling water over 250ml cloves and infuse for twenty minutes. Strain off the liquid and pour into a dark glass bottle.


A weak clove infusion can be used to bathe tired eyes. Use eight cloves to 250ml water and make the infusion as above. Apply the infusion to cotton pads and place over closed eyes for a few minutes.


Clove is also a good breath freshener – chew one or two after meals to keep the breath smelling sweet. Clove oil is high in eugenol, which helps reduce the pain of toothache. To make clove oil, place 50ml cloves and 50ml olive oil in a glass jar and leave for three weeks before straining off the oil. This is a good natural aid to have to hand in an emergency, but should only be used as a standby until you can get to a dentist.




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