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Sambucus nigra

Elder is reputed to be soothing, healing and toning for sensitive skins, as well as boosting the circulation of this skin type. It is particularly beneficial for mature skins, softening and evening out wrinkles as well as soothing sunburn.

It is cleansing, softening and toning for oily, blemished skins, and calms skins that are suffering from inflammations and some forms of eczema.

Use in baths, facial toners, creams, face masks and compresses. Make an elder flower infusion as follows:

Baths/facial toners - 25g elder flowers to 1 litre water;
Compresses - 40g elder flowers to 1 litre water;
Creams/face masks/shampoos - 20g elder flowers to 1 litre water.




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