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We've had to disable the website template for the blog as it interferes with the text display and causes bits of it to disappear completely.

It's a bit rough and unvarnished looking, but hey ho...:)


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Beeswax is a mixture of plant wax, pollen and bee secretions. It is the material used to build the comb within which the bees store their honey, eggs and larvae.

Once the honey has been removed from the comb, the wax remains. The wax is boiled, filtered, cleaned and poured into moulds. Beeswax is yellow and has a faint honey aroma. White wax is made from yellow beeswax by either bleaching it with strong sunlight, or hydrogen peroxide.

It is solid and does not go rancid.

Beeswax gives more protection in skin care creams than oils and solid fats because of the wax content, and is non-comedogenic, skin-softening and soothing for irritated skins. It is also a good addition to sodium soaps, helping to make them firmer and easing removal from soap moulds. It helps to add firmness to creams, balms, butters, bars and lotions, too, and only a little is needed.




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