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Hibiscus (var.)




Also known as rosemallow, the hibiscus belongs to a large group of plants in the Malvaceae, or mallow, family. It is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world.


Hibiscus leaves and flowers are astringent, emollient, toning and detoxifying. Hibiscus infusions can be used as skin toners and as hair rinses. Hair that is thinning and/or prone to dandruff may benefit from a hibiscus hair rinse. Fill a jar with hibiscus leaves and flowers, and pour hot spring water over so that the leaves and flowers are completely immersed and the jar is filled with water. Leave overnight to infuse then strain (squeeze the flowers out into the water). Use this infusion as a final rinse for hair. Bottle, refrigerate and use within two days.


Drop hibiscus flowers into a bowl of boiling water for an emollient facial steam for dry or sensitive skins.




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