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Lemon Verbena

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Lippia citriodora



Lemon Verbena is astringent, stimulating and diuretic in skin care and can be used to reduce puffiness. The lemony fragrance of the dried herb lasts for years, so it is worthwhile saving any leftover Lemon Verbena to put in pot pourris and scented sachets.


Infused Lemon Verbena can be used as a compress for tired and puffy eyes: pour 250ml boiling water over 10ml dried herb. Cover and leave to infuse for twenty minutes before straining and bottling. Apply to the eyes with cotton pads and relax with the pads in place for a few minutes. This infusion can also be used as a facial mist/toner for oily/combination skins and as a hair rinse.


For a skin toner that lasts longer than the infusion described above, follow the instructions for Orange Flower Water, replacing the orange blossoms with lemon verbena leaves.


Lemon Verbena Oil is a stimulating, uplifting bath and massage oil: follow the instructions for Jasmine Bath Oil, replacing the jasmine flowers with lemon verbena leaves.


Soothe tired, puffy feet by soaking them in a footbath to which you have added 30ml dried lemon verbena leaves and a handful of Epsom salts.


Lemon Verbena leaves, dried and ground, can be added to handmade soaps for their stimulating effect on the skin and uplifting fragrance. Add 15ml dried and ground leaves to 454g soap.




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