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Calendula officinalis

The Marigold (calendula) flower has been used in skin care and folk remedies for centuries. It is mainly anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and regenerative, and it aids the healing of sores as it fosters granulation and the healing of skin tissue.

Marigold is best used when the flowers are freshly picked and dry, although dried flowers can also be used. Use the flowers to make a tincture, infusion or calendula oil. Marigold has both fat-soluble and water-soluble constituents - use a combination of both in skin care preparations for best results ie. infusion and oil.

For compresses use 30g dried flowers to 1 litre water;
For infusions use 20g dried flowers to 1 litre water;
For calendula oil place the dried flowers in extra-virgin olive oil and leave to steep for a week - the flowers should be half the volume of the oil eg. 125ml flowers to 250ml olive oil.




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