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Cucurbitaceae species



Most types of melon can be used in herbal skin care because of the cleansing, firming and toning effects they have on the skin. Mashed or pureed melon pulp can be mixed with oatmeal or cornmeal to make facial masks or poultices.


For oily skin, use watermelon for its cleansing and refreshing properties. Honeydew melon is better for normal to dry skins. Melon can be liquidised with milk and/or flower waters to create all-natural skin cleansing milks and toners. Use ½ slice of melon to 300ml milk or flower water. Liquidise in a blender with the milk or flower water, sieve then freeze in an ice cube tray. Keep the iced melon cubes in the freezer and thaw and use them one at a time.


Use small slices of melon as a compress for sore or tired eyes. Honeydew melon and rosewater made into a skin toner as above is also cooling and refreshing for eyes – simply apply the toner with a cotton pad to the eye area.




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