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Verbascum (Mullein)

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Verbascum thapsus



Also known as Mullein. Verbascum leaves and flowers have astringent and emollient qualities and are a good choice for hair rinses. Oily hair in particular will benefit from a verbascum hair rinse.


To make a verbascum infusion for use as a hair rinse, pour 750ml boiling spring water over 500ml leaves and flowers. Infuse for twenty minutes, then strain and pour into a clean, glass bottle. Refrigerate and use within one week.


Verbascum flowers can also be used to make a dye for blonde, fair or light brown hair. Pack a saucepan with the flowers and add sufficient spring water to cover. Bring to the boil and allow to simmer gently for ten minutes. Remove from the heat then leave to cool. Strain and pour the yellow liquid into a clean, glass bottle. If not using immediately, keep refrigerated and use within one week.


Make a massage oil for sore muscles: pack a screw-topped glass jar with verbascum flowers. Add enough sweet almond oil to cover, then place the lid on the jar and leave on a sunny windowsill for one month. Shake the mixture daily. When ready, strain the mixture and pour the oil into a dark glass bottle and store in a cool, dark place.




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