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  1. Monarda didyma



    Bergamot herb (not to be confused with the orange of the same name from which Bergamot essential oil is extracted) can be used for its astringent properties and as a stimulating hair rinse. It has an orange fragrance similar to the citrus fruit after which it is named.


    Make a Bergamot infusion by pouring 500ml boiling spring water over 250ml fresh leaves and flowers. Leave for thirty minutes to infuse, then strain and pour the liquid into a clean, glass bottle. Refrigerate and use within one week.


    Bergamot infusion can be used on its own as a facial astringent, and drunk as a tea for its tonic qualities.




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  2. Frankincense and Jasmine Treatment Oil is a revitalising formula for dry or mature skin to be applied after a facial treatment such as a deep-cleanse, steam or face mask. It is intended to enhance the benefits of the accompanying treatment by giving the skin an extra boost.




    You will need:


    10ml camellia oil

    10ml apricot kernel oil

    5ml evening primrose oil

    2 drops jasmine absolute

    2 drops frankincense essential oil




    Pour the evening primrose oil into a dark glass bottle. Drop in the essential oil and absolute and shake well. Add the camellia and apricot kernel oils and shake again.




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  3. Beta vulgaris



    Beetroot is cleansing, nourishing and detoxifying when used in herbal skin care. Cooked, mashed and applied as a poultice it can be used to draw toxins from infected sores and wounds.


    Beetroot’s dark blue-red colour is due to the presence of anthocyanin, or red betaine pigments, and powdered beetroot can be used as a natural colourant for soaps, creams and gels. To make beetroot oil, place powdered beetroot and sweet almond oil in a double boiler or bain marie. The amount of powder added will depend upon the desired intensity of colour and the length of time the ingredients are heated. The finished oil will be dark pink to deep bluish-purple.


    Natural red tones can be added to brown or red hair with the use of beetroot. Combine 250ml each beetroot and carrot juice. Pour over damp, freshly washed hair and leave on for one hour. If it is possible to lie in the sun, even better. Shampoo out and condition as usual.


    Rub some raw beetroot over chapped lips for natural colour and healing. Finish with a slick of natural lip balm to keep lips soft and protected.




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  4. Used regularly, this mouthwash will help treat and prevent oral bacteria. If you have a condition that is giving you cause for concern, however, do consult a doctor or dentist.



    You will need:


    300ml witch hazel water

    6 drops fennel essential oil

    6 drops tea tree essential oil





    Drop the essential oils into a dark glass bottle. Add a little witch hazel water and shake well. Add the remaining witch hazel water and shake again. This is a concentrate and is not to be used neat.



    To use:


    Shake the bottle well and add 10ml of the mouthwash concentrate to 250ml warm water in which you have dissolved 2.5ml sea salt. Rinse the mouth with the diluted mouthwash after brushing the teeth.




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  5. Myrica cerifera


    Also known as wax myrtle, Bayberry is a large evergreen shrub native to the US whose roots and root bark are used in herbal remedies.


    Bayberry root bark is astringent and naturally antibiotic and is used on wounds and bacterial and fungal skin infections, as well as throat and gum inflammations. A decoction can be made and used as a wash, mouthwash or gargle. Combined with slippery elm, bayberry can be used as a poultice for skin wounds, sores and ulcers.


    Bayberry wax, made by boiling the berries to separate the wax from the skin, makes naturally fragrant candles and in the past was used for sealing and healing wounds.




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